Finalist: 2017 Roadmap Writers’ Wise Word Screenwriting Contest



Best Feature Script : 2016 California Women's Film Festival

Finalist: 10th Annual StoryPros International Screenwriting Contest

Music by Scott Unrein

2018 Page International Screenwriting Semi-finalist

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Investigating the “accidental” death of his wife, a decorated homicide detective in Southeast Texas loses a little more eyesight as each person he interviews ends up dead. Nearly blind, he questions his own sanity as his dreams foretell each death.

Finalist: 2016 Screenplay Festival

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 QUIET LOST (thriller)

After a respected business man loses his lifetime love, he’s thrust into a life on the run, determined to preserve what's left of his world and exact revenge on the brutal Xatala Cartel.



A spirited Irish lass makes her way from Texas to the Idaho territory in 1890 only to find herself in the middle of a bloody dispute between her new husband and the man he wronged. This is a well-executed western with flavors of Butch Cassidy and a fully rounded female lead.

Winner: 2015 WILDsound 1st Scene Contest​ Live Reading. Plus interview

Top 50/Top 3% at Tracking Board’s 2015 Launchpad Feature Competition
The Launch Pad 2015 Alumni Booklet

A renowned advocate against human trafficking needs a heart donor. Now!

Edie’s blood type makes a donor near impossible to locate. But she connects with a donor… only to learn he’ll only participate if all of Edie’s wealth is turned over to his family… making Edie a human trafficker. With the help of Ben, the world’s best hacker and Edie’s secret admirer, they find a second donor.

A deadly game between the two donors will determine whose heart beats in her.

But it’s a set-up! Edie is left with no heart, no money and a ruined reputation. And then she’s arrested for trafficking. Can Edie and Ben convince the authorities that she is the victim, that the two men belong behind bars? A result that will make their hearts unavailable forever.

Right or wrong, will Edie broker a heart? And if she does can she live with it?


Extreme Screenwriting gives “Brokered Heart” a RECOMMEND 


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